Our CPM Team

Bishop Dr.Yaqub Paul Founder & Director (Christ forPakistan Ministries)
National Director (International leadership Institute)
National Director(International Fellowship of Christian Ministries)
Pastor Shan E Elahi, International Coordinator and Director (Mission and Outreach , Executive Dean Solid Rock Bible Colleges)
Pastor Nadeem Victor, National Director (Solid Rock Bible Colleges)
Pastor Hameed Bhatti National Coordinator (Pastor’s Alliance for Revival)  
Pastor Sarfraz Bhatti, Director (Crusades & Conventions and Seminars)
Pastor Shahzad Gill, General Secretary (Christ for Pakistan Ministries)
Pastor Virginia Paul, Director (Women’s Ministry)
Evangelist Khurram Mukhtar, Director (Hope Film Ministry)
Pastor Rehana Ayub, Director (My Neighbour Project)
Pastor Sumera Hameed, Director (Adult Education & Swing Centres)
Pastor Sharoon Yaqub, Director (Youth Ministry)
Evangelist Waqar Bhatti, Director (Children Ministry)

Our Coordinators in Pakistan for Reaching, Equipping and Sending

Names of Coordinator

Name of the District

1-Pastor Shazad Gill Lahore,Punjab
2-Pastor Nadeem Victor Gujranwala,Punjab
3-Pastor Yaqub Inayat & Pastor Shoukat Sheikhupur,Punjab
4-Pastor Waris Masih Jamshoro,Sindh
5-Pastor Warus Zaffer & Pastor Shakir Kasur,Punjab
6-Pastor Younis Shahd Sindh
7-Pastor Nasir Masih Mardan, Northern Pakistan
8-Pastor Salum Masih Magala Dam
9-Pastor Qamar Bhatti Jhelum
10-Pastor Robin Bashir Umer Kot, Sindh
11-Pastor Zeeshan Multan
12-Pastor Fazal Masih Islamabad
13-Pastor Hameed Faisalabad
14-Evanglist Timthoy  Bahawalpur
15.Pastor Khurram Mahmood Anency
16.Pastor Frances Sailkot
17.Pastor Joseph Kanewal
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