Christian Adult Education Centers

Give hope to an Adult and enable

Christ’s love to reach a family in Pakistan

Although reaching Pakistan with Christ’s love is an enormous task,but there is hope through the Adults.

Parents across Pakistan struggle to provide for their families. Adults grow up illiterate, uneducated and taught they are worthless. More than 10 million boys and girls are trapped in social evils like child labor and prostitution in order to support their family.

Christian Adult Education Centers turns these situations around for good. Adults are educated and nurtured. Families experience Christ’s love. More than 5,000 Adults have been helped so far and thousands of families have found faith in Christ as a result.

Provide a future here on earth and one for eternity as well.

Christ For Pakistan takes a unique approach.

First, we put Jesus Christ at the center of all we do

It is a fact: Whether healthy or sick, rich or poor, people face eternity without Christ if they do not know Him. Therefore, our highest goal is to share the message of salvation and forgiveness through Christ. The ministry of Christian Adult Education Centers is simply a natural extension and outflow of that desire. So when you meet your sponsored physical needs, you also do much more. Your gift of compassion helps break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, superstition—and ultimately the bondage of the caste system.

Second, we take a "big picture" approach 

Each child we educate is part of an extended family. As these boys and girls begin to understand God's love, expressed to them in very practical ways, they take the message home to fathers, mothers, siblings, uncles, aunts and grandparents. In addition, parent training sessions are an integral part of the Adult Education program. As a result, hearts and homes previously resistant to the Good News are now open to the witness of national missionaries like never before. Your love and care reach far beyond just one individual. As you extend hope to your sponsored child, that same hope is passed on to many others.

In addition, we send 100 percent of your donations directly to the Christain Adult Eduation programs on the field without deducting anything for administrative costs.


It only takes $200 a month to start a Adult Education Center in which you give everything they need—school supplies, medical checkups and more.

100% of your sponsorship is sent to the field to support your child.

We have the opportunity together to change the fate of a child, but time is short. You can make a choice today that will change a life forever.

100% of what you give for sponsorship goes to the field.

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