Solid Rock Bible Colleges Network in Pakistan

Training up Men and Women

to Reach the Most Unreached



Reaching the most unreached in our generation is the vision God has given to Gospel for Pakistan. For this to become a reality, we realized years ago that more pioneer missionaries would need to be trained to bring God's love to all the unreached people groups of Pakistan.

Thousands of young men and women are currently receiving training in Solid Rock Bible colleges in different cities of Pakistan.

We have more 35 Bible colleges in different cities in Pakistan.From 2003 to now more than 2000 Students has been graduates hundreds are full time ministers and many are head of the churches and ministries all cross Pakistan,After every two month we have graduation some where in Pakistan.

About the Teachers

Each of the teachers has years of experience establishing fellowships and as evangelists. These committed teachers regularly accompany the students for outreach ministry.

Since each Solid Rock Bible college is located right on the mission field, student teams will often start a fellowship and take care of that new fellowship alongside their studies.The One year training course is intensive and the classes are held in the local or tribal language. Apart from their studies, priority is given to personal character building and prayer.

Going Where No One Has Gone

Ninety-eight percent of these graduates minister in places where the Gospel has never been preached before.

Our tribal areas graduates doing alot of missionary work in South Pakistan (Balochistan) and starting new bible colleges in their areas.Frequently, Bible college graduates will establish a fellowship within their first 5 months in the field.

The Goal and The Vision

Our goal is that each student gains the vision to take the Good News to the unreached; receives on-the-job training through ongoing outreach ministry and quality instruction in the Word of God; and is fully prepared for pioneer work, hardship, persecution and a life of faith through Jesus.

Student admission requirements:

These Students are Committed to Their Call

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  • must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • must have a call from God to full-time ministry
  • must be committed to go to unreached areas
  • must be able to read and write in his or her mother tongue
One hundred percent of your donation will go to the mission field. Nothing is taken out for administrative expenses.



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