Crusades/Conventions and Seminars

Evangelism is the ‘heartbeat’ of our ministry. last month 23-25 March 2012, about 35 thousands heard the gospel and about 5 thousands given their heart to the Lord and hundreds got healed, many many Muslims got healed Muslim, and even about 25 thousands   heard the gospel while they were seating at their homes and many on the top of the houses and many standing in the streets.
This year our goal is that one hundred thousand people will hear the Gospel of Christ and for this purpose we conduct Crusades, Conventions and seminars in neighboring villages and cities. We have seven evangelistic teams that coordinate all of our meetings throughout the Pakistan. And by this we hope in Christ that we shall win all Pakistan for Our Christ.

We also organize Children ministry programs in different areas of Pakistan.Two months ago we organized a Big Children Festival about 2000 sunday school kids were gathered from all over lahore city.It was blessed event for the children ministry in Pakistan.

Futhermore in our event Solid Rock Bible College Graduations are held in all over Pakistan.In July we travelled Balochistan for the Graduation of 20 students.It was very shocking for them that we reached their after passing through different dangerous of Taliban,Balochi and higly mountaince areas.Same like that whatever pastor invite us in their province,city,town,village,valley we reach their for the Glory of God.





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