Christian Businessmen Fellowship in Pakistan (CBFP)

Because of Christian faith and illiteracy our people are suffering economically, no good jobs, people are peon, sweeper, gardeners, cook and dish washers, in villages men are working in the forms and women in their houses.They are like slaves and in city men are in Government job like  peon, sweeper, gardeners, cook and dish washers and women’s are doing cleaning and washing clothes and mostly blamed for stilling and theft and first the owner of the house beaten her and then police, our youth are unemployed and because of all these hardship.

They have hate and jealousy for church leadership and political leadership, Big name “churches”   keep their money in their banks so Government can enjoy theirs funds, because of watching all these percussions, Lord has give us burden for our people so we had organized Christian Businessmen Fellowship in Pakistan.

We want that small money generating project must be start in city and in villages, so Christians will get the jobs and Christian Businessmen get more Business & profits, for this we invite Overseas Christian Businessmen to come and talk to our Christian Businessmen and invest their capital here and uplift churches and Christians in Pakistan and even make more money. Our Government is so helpful in this matter and willing to provide all kind of assistances and support, so we welcome our Overseas Christian Businessmen in Pakistan to come forward.

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