Why we want this Christian Channel

As you know our Pakistani population is 170 millions,75 percent population of Pakistan unable to read and write.This Recording Studio will help to record Bible message in other languages and Also we went to record children’s ministry songs, and stories, and lot of lot things will be done by this Studio.

This Christian Channel will help to reach people, through this media Center also help to record 1 year Bible college teaching material,in thousands of area's (Villages, Northern Pakistan)  where there is just  one pastor and  now that one pastor will able to open and run the Bible college and make disciples of Jesus Christ and that  disciples will go and make other’s disciples.

Now Solid Rock Bible college graduates are opening new Bible colleges, in our last graduation, now we have more than 2000 Solid Rock Bible College gradates all around in Pakistan. May Lord help us get all the machines for recoding and making copies and send all over  Bible Colleges Pakistan.

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