Slum Ministry

The Need for Slum Ministry


Tens of millions of people in Pakistan live in slums.


Many of them live in one-room shanties. They work long hours for insufficient wages. If there is no work available, some resort to begging, scavenging or prostitution to be able to earn enough to eat. Toilets are scarce, so the stench of human waste pollutes the air. Garbage is strewn across the alleyways. Everyone is vulnerable to disease.


For those living in slums, there is little hope of improving their lives, and some look to suicide as an escape.


Jesus Offers Them Hope

CPM began supporting ministry in the slums in 1999. Through this work, many people have found hope and strength in God.

When slum dwellers experience Christ’s transformation in their hearts, that transformation overflows into their environment. Soon, their streets and homes are kept cleaner; they show respect and kindness toward others, and hope gleams in their eyes. Jesus makes all the difference.

CPM-supported pastors and Sisters of Compassion who serve in slums provide:



Encouragement for the sick and desperate


Health Care

Instruction about health and hygiene.



Tutoring classes for children.


Warm Clothing

Protection for those without proper insulation.


Vocational Training

Teaching sewing and other valuable skills.


Adult Literacy

Equipping men and women who never learned to read and write.


Water Filters

Protecting families from waterborne illnesses.



Restoring the health and dignity of slum dwellers.


Income-generating Gifts

Empowering the poor to earn an income.


News of God’s love and mercy.