Pray for Specific Areas of Ministry

Pray for Specific Areas of Ministry


Pray for Abandoned Children

Countless children in Pakistan have been abandoned because their parents have died, couldn’t afford to feed them or simply did not want them anymore. These boys and girls often experience unimaginable suffering while living on their own.



Pray for Pakistan Women Missionaries

In a culture where women don’t interact freely and openly with men, heartfelt conversations with male missionaries are limited. But God is raising up sisters in Christ to reach women in their spheres of influence.




Pray for Children’s Ministry

Children are the future of any society. Each new generation needs biblical guidance, but it’s especially needed among those living in regions where there has historically been little or no knowledge of Christ.



Pray for Christmas Gifts

It’s not in the name of good ol’ Saint Nicholas that CPM-supported missionaries are distributing much-needed gifts to thousands of people across South Pakistan. With Jesus Christ on their minds, our brothers and sisters on the field give away Christmas gifts with the intent to celebrate Christ with multitudes of people who may have never experienced God’s love.




Pray for Church Buildings

For most Pakistani congregations, a church building is much more than a Sunday morning meeting place. Learn why thousands of congregations are currently praying for church buildings, and how you can pray with them.




Pray for Compassion Services

CPM Compassion Services—which includes disaster relief efforts, and the medical, slum and leprosy ministries—meet some of the most vital and urgent needs of people in South Pakistan.




Pray for Film Ministry

Within a few hours, a film and a team of two to five missionaries can tell Jesus’ story to an entire community and provide an opportunity for the local pastor to start building relationships with villagers.




Pray for CPM Leprosy Ministry

Tens of thousands of people worldwide suffer from leprosy, which is a bacterial infection that affects the skin and destroys nerves. The social stigma is devastating, perhaps even worse than the disease itself.




Pray for CPM-supported Bridge of Hope

Millions of children in Pakistan grow up with little to no education. Extreme poverty prevents parents from being able to send their kids to school. Please join us as we pray for CPM-supported Bridge of Hope this month.




Pray for CPM-supported Radio

Since 1986, God has used CPM-supported radio programs to bring His message of love to people across Pakistan. Radio broadcasts can cross treacherous terrain to share with people who are hungering for a love greater than the world can offer. Walls cannot keep this faithful messenger away, so hope-filled programs can be heard within prisons, hospitals and even brothels.




Pray for Literature and Bibles

CPM-supported missionaries never head out to share the love of Christ without Gospel literature in hand. They know the powerful impact a small tract containing God’s message of salvation can have on so many lives.




Pray for National Missionaries

National missionaries aren’t superhuman with supernatural abilities and powers. They’re everyday people who love the Lord and rely on Him for help as they give their lives to further God’s Kingdom. And the Lord uses them as powerful instruments to reach their lost neighbors.




Pray for Pure Water

If you were one of the millions of people around the world who lack adequate access to pure water, your life would be a lot more difficult. Just imagine how much time and effort it would take if you needed to carry every single gallon of water you used—whether for drinking, cooking, bathing or even watering your houseplants. To make matters worse, your life would be at risk from drinking the dirty, potentially pathogen-ridden water you gathered at the local pond or open well.




Pray for Sisters of Compassion

Let us pray with passion for this ministry as God equips these precious women to sow His unfailing love deep into the hearts of everyone they serve.



Pray for the Equipping of Missionaries

Unknown villages tucked away in the mountains, dusty roads and deep lush forests—these are only some of the places where CPM-supported national missionaries serve. Some travel on foot, while others have bicycles or motorcycles to get around.



Pray for Vacation Bible School

Squeals of excitement fill the air as thousands of children gather. Each one has a different story and background. But today, they get to set aside their differences and experience Vacation Bible School together.



Pray for Vocational Training

Sewing, weaving and candle-making are most often seen as hobbies enjoyed here in the West. But for many women in Pakistan, these “hobbies” can be a genuine source of income.




Pray for Widows

Shunned. Despised. Unwanted. The life of many widows in Pakistan looks a lot different compared to those in the West. Precious women are often thought to be the cause of their husbands’ deaths, regardless of how he died. Please join us in praying for the millions of widows in Pakistan.



Pray for Women’s Fellowships

Christ-centered teaching and fellowship is precious to all believers, but it is especially valuable to the many women in Pakistan who are new in their faith or are the only believers in their family. Through CPM-supported Women’s Fellowships, women receive discipleship, encouragement and prayer support.



Countries to Pray for

Pray for Bhutan

Bhutan is said to be the happiest country in Pakistan, yet with a population of more than 700,000, Bhutan remains one of the nations least touched by the message of Christ’s love.




Pray for Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) is a country in crisis. Strategically located between India and China, the country is ruled by a brutal military junta. One of the poorest countries in the world, Myanmar has very little educational structure and a largely uneducated workforce. The people suffer from poverty, hunger, oppression and human rights abuse. Thousands live their lives on the run or in hiding due to decades-old civil unrest.



Pray for Nepal

Nepal is a nation that needs your prayers. From over a decade of bloody civil conflict that claimed thousands of lives to ongoing political instability in its government, this picturesque Himalayan country has suffered greatly and bears deep wounds.